Project: Café redesign

Client:  The Röhsska Museum of Design and Craft

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

When one of the employees at Röhsska Museum saw an article about our company and reuse vision in the GPs Två Dagar newspaper, we were invited as one of three companies to submit a bid to modify their café interior design.

We did not get the project in the end, but we feel the concept is worth sharing in our portfolio. It was created as an experience to connect visitors with some of Sweden’s best redesigners.

Stolab and designer Marie-Louise Hellgren
and us

Not only would the redesign products be used for the café interior, they would also be available for purchase in the museum giftshop. Visitors would also have a direct behind-the-scenes look at the redesign of the café and the studios/workshops for the featured redesigners by scanning QR-codes placed around the café and on furnishings.

Hop over to our blog post for more indepth info about our interior design concept and the featured redesigners.