It’s the random acts of kindness in blogland that really draw me in. For instance, this weekend I received help from not one, but two other bloggers. Neither of them know me. In fact, it’s most likely that neither of them even know I exist. Yet both of them passed on random acts of kindness.

I was selling some of my kid’s outgrown clothes and toys at a children’s market this weekend (no surprise there, since you know me in the recycle/repurpose spirit of Blue Velvet Chair) and decided to take a few examples of children’s gifts I’d made just to see if I could drum up interest before the holidays. I took two baby gifts I recently made, and a few examples of mosaic kid photos I’d also gifted recently. I needed some kind of business card just in case anyone ‘bit’, but don’t have any since I don’t sell my pieces (I’m game if anyone else is, though).

Here’s what the original pics look like. The mosaics above are made with 1000 photo tiles of the kids (a minimum of 50 different photos give the best results). 
Okay, after that brief interlude, the spotlight goes on Mindy at Lil Mama Stuart. She recently posted a tutorial for making your own business cards. Nothing special about that as I’ve seen many toots on the subject before. But hers had a flair…hard to miss that she was representing something creative. So…I began to follow her instructions. Which led me to…spotlight 2…Aimee at Sprik Space. Mindy referred to Aimee in her post because of her lovely backgrounds (that come in so many colors). I found one that I thought would be perfect for my aesthetic and style. So I followed the instructions from both of them, made a few tweeks of my own to decrease the opacity of Aimee’s backgrounds (I wanted mine to be a more transparent pattern in the background as it was a pretty strong design), and printed myself a small stack of business cards. 

They did just the trick. I only had one person express interest, but guess what – I had a nice looking business card to hand her and say “Call me”. My “almost 10”-year old son liked them so much he asked if I would make a set for him. Absolutely!

If you don’t have business cards and you are thinking about networking some of your own projects, hop over to Lil Mama Stuart’s site and she’ll get you started. It’s pretty easy and possible to get done in an evening. Or, check out Aimee’s backgrounds for your other crafting projects. I think you’ll be pleased!

Until next time…

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