It’s been a good long while since I’ve posted a What’s that?! post. And this one certainly deserves inclusion.

Born in Ghana, El Anatsui manipulates found items into pieces of art that would definitely make me stop and linger a little while longer than usual. His works have found their way into places like NY’s Metropolitan Museum of ArtCentre de Cultura Contemporània de BarcelonaHayward Gallery, and more. Not too shabby by any standard. Especially since the pieces are created with… trash. Yes, I said it. It’s basically trash. That is, until he gets his hands on it.

But can you tell what kind of trash at first glance?

recycled bottlecap art

His works are like beautiful art canvases that are slowing melting and sliding down the wall. Or softly draped curtains made from a trillion beads. But what is it, really?

recycled bottlecap art

recycled bottlecap art

recycled bottlecap art


Would you believe… metal bottle caps and bottleneck sleeves?

recycled bottlecap art recycled bottlecap art


recycled bottlecap art El Anatsui

An artist after my own heart! I’ve been collecting tin cans and the lids for a project that is bubbling around in my head – and this gives me just the right amount of inspiration to start working on it.

What ‘trash’ would you like to create with? Have you started a little ‘just in case’ collection yet?

Until next time…


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