DIY projects & workshops. They take a little bit of advance planning if you really want to create something for a specific space. Case in point, a recent recycled window workshop project by Kate. She wanted to come and recreate one of the old windows we salvaged from an old house in the Swedish countryside.

DIY recycled old window message board

What she ended up with was fabulous. But what I needed to know before she came to the workshop was a little background info. What did the space look like? What colors? What decor theme? Etc. So we spent some time online sharing pics like these. She sent me photos of her space, and I sent her back (very elementary) drawings of different options of what the window might look like (the window was originally 2 panes, but I knew we could create faux dividers for as many panes as she wanted).

DIY old recycled window message board

You can see it’s a very crude rendering – but it gave us something to work with. She already has items hanging on this wall, so I simply erased them with a photo edit, and then drew in lines representing the window. Next, she said her decor included roosters.  So I sent her this picture and asked her to choose 3 photos that ‘spoke’ to her.

DIY old recycled window message board

Why did I do that? I needed to get a feeling of whether she wanted ‘French provincial’ roosters, or did she want ‘country farm’ roosters. She chose the black desk, the yellow mosaic, and the pillow. Guess what that told me? She leaned towards French provincial. So now that I knew a bit more about her space and style aesthetics, I could start to find recycled and scrap ‘parts’ to bring to the workshop for her to choose from. I also played around with some free printable french letters and different fonts.

old recycled DIY window message board

I found some old fabric scraps, a junkified cork board, and a couple of other bits and bobs so that she would have choices to create with, all still fitting the French provincial theme. I also wanted to bring some photos of accessories to hang at the studio that would continue to inspire her as she worked on her recycled window.

DIY old recycled window message board

All of this was done BEFORE she stepped foot into the workshop to create her recycled window message board. And this is what she ended up with.

DIY message board from repurposed window


I can’t wait until she sends me a photo of it hung on her red wall. That clear pane of glass with the rooster is going to pop!

So you see, a little planning goes a long way with DIY projects. It’s not always about sitting and doing. Sometimes the planning turns out to be the most important time spent on a project.

What’s your creative style? Do you plan? Or do you ‘do’?

Until next time…

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