We submit a lot of concepts to clients, but not all become actual projects. 

That means that there are many redesign ideas that never come to the table and never get used. This is one of those ideas that never happened. We are particularly proud of this one and want to share with you guys. 

Röhsska museum café interior redesign concept

Röhsska museum café interior redesign concept


Our company goal is 100% reuse in our projects. However, with the Röhsska Museum project our goal was 90% redesign and reuse, because we would have to buy color-stained veneer to redesign the countertops. The project was a showcase featuring other high quality redesigners within Sweden. The full project concept wasn’t simply an interior design, it was intended as an experience. For example, this included the resale of the redesigner’s products in the museum’s gift shop and a behind the scenes look at the interior design available by scanning QR-codes placed around the café.

The project moodboard gives a quick overview of the concept aesthetic.


Mood board - Röhsska museum café interior redesign concept


Let’s have a look at some of Sweden’s redesigners that were included as part of the project:

Retrofrun uses everyday ceramic pieces and makes them into cool, unique and exclusive designed products such as lamps, candlesticks and serving trays.  


Retrofrun makes lamps with reused ceramics


The designers at Skryta are interested in both social and environmental sustainability. They create beautiful high quality, redesigned lamps from textile and industrial waste. 

Skryta redesign lamps with industry waste


Stolab has been producing furniture in Smålandsstenar since 1907. Using their own industrial wood waste, they produce sustainable stools  in collaboration with designer Marie-Louise Hellgren

stools made from wood waste


Hildur2john (H2J) creates custom pillows from her clients’ beloved, but no longer used leather jackets so that they can be used and loved once again.

pillows made from leather jackets form Hildur2John


Through eco-friendly recycling of old glass products, Återbrukshyttan creates redesigned glass products such as vases, drinking glasses and lamps. All redesigned products are formed by hand at their glassworks in Bollnäs. 

Återbrukshyttan redesigned glas products


We at reCreate Design Company specialize in the reuse and redesign of already existing materials. In this project, we proposed redesigned tabletops with the clients graphic profile. 

custom redesigned tables


We felt this was a unique opportunity to showcase Sweden’s redesign world in a traditional design museum. We didn’t get the project in the end, but it isn’t the worst ‘no’ we’ve ever received. According to the museum’s decision makers, our concept was like an exhibit in and of itself. And they didn’t want the café to compete with existing exhibits.

We designed the concept as an extension of the museum experience. So, in a twisted way, their decline argument confirmed that we succeeded. Do you agree?



p.s.  Today’s blog post was written by our intern, Mia. See yesterday’s blog for more of her work.

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