Today’s creative share is prompted by two things. First, because Jamie from The Creative Imperative is thinking outside of the box as she remodels her son’s bedroom with her repurposed tarps-turned-curtains, and we love people who repurpose and rethink!  Second, she understands the kindred spirit of blogland and shares her tutorials freely so that others can try for themselves (see her comment on yesterday’s post ‘Recycled Frames and Copycat Dilemmas’) as many of you do.

So let’s take a look at Jamie’s curtains…

…that began their life as a tarp (I didn’t even know tarps came in red!)

The added bonus? I bet that silver lining on the back acts as a nice light filter – almost the same as an expensive curtain liner.

While you are there having a peek, don’t miss her wall and window upcycle with trim. Great results and great color scheme.

Thanks, Jamie, for leaving your comment on the discussion yesterday.

I am genuinely interested in hearing your input on the ‘copying’ discussion if you hop back to yesterday’s post and tell me what you think. Where do you think the lines are drawn between sharing and copying?

Until next time…

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