reclaimed wood bench

How Leftover 2x12s Became Something Even Better

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When friendly carpenters/craftspeople/random junk collectors find their way into our humble little studio with leftover 2x12 wooden boards, workshop-Lina gets happy!     Wood isn't just wood. Besides being a fabulously…
röhsska museum mood board redesign

The Best 'NO' We Ever Got

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We submit a lot of concepts to clients, but not all become actual projects.  That means that there are many redesign ideas that never come to the table and never get used. This is one of those ideas that never happened. We are particularly…
Micki reads GP Två Dagar artikel

Två Dagar meets reCreate Design Co.

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It's always fun to see yourself through the lens of another... this time it was through journalist Johan Brink who writes for the Göteborgs-Posten weekend newspaper supplement Två Dagar. Thanks, Johan! We try to send good things out into the…

Redesignade Tekanne Lampor

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Är du som oss, så blir du lätt trött på att se samma gamla lampor i kontorsinredningar. Suck. Bara därför att det är en arbetsplats innebär inte att den måste vara tråkig! Tvärtom så borde den vara det motsatta - en inspirerande…

Rustic Stars and Reclaimed Wood / Rustika Stjärnor och Återanvänt Trä

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(Svensk översättning längst ned) Sigh. Winter is pushing her way into our daily lives again. And the days are getting shorter. It makes us want to curl up on a sheepskin beside the fireplace at our (non-existent) reCreate mountain lodge. Hey,…

Redesigned Candlesticks / Återdesignade Ljusstakar

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(Svensk översättning längst ned) We've all seen them. Small single wooden candlesticks at the thrift shop that get no respect, left to stand lonely on the shelves month after month. Well, we decided to do something about it, and here's…

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Ringön Window Walk