Small Recycling Habits

I have small recycling habits. I also have big recycling habits. What I hope is that when I add them all together - they make a difference. Today I thought it would be fun to share a few of my small recycling habits - starting with cereal boxes.…

Reuse: Old Stuff, New Ways

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I love to find new thinkers in the world of reuse and recycle. Like this ridiculously simple but oh-so-clever switcheroo from old sink to new modern chair, courtesy of Design Jazz in Ireland. Well done! Until next time... Mike  

Valentine Hearts - Reclaimed Wood

I have an affinity for hearts... and not just for Valentine's Day. They have their place in my home decor year-round. And you know that I have a soft spot for all things recycled, repurposed, upcycled, and such.  So I'll be searching and searching…

DIY Planning

DIY projects & workshops. They take a little bit of advance planning if you really want to create something for a specific space. Case in point, a recent recycled window workshop project by Kate. She wanted to come and recreate one of the…

Old Window = New Message Board

by Michael Helander Turning an old window into a new message board not only does a good deed for Mother Earth, it also does a good deed for your home decor and personal style! Our friend Kate stopped by for a workshop and knew right away that…

Catching Up and Advent Calendars

I won't be posting one of the many, wonderful 2012 wrap-up posts that I see swirling around cyberspace. No, I'm still playing catch-up from the year AND preparing to lurch head-on right into the New Year. What you will get from me, most likely,…

No Ordinary Christmas Tree

Warning!  These are not your Dad's Christmas trees. No, these are new thinkers. Made with reclaimed and recycled materials. Once again pushing the boundaries on personal expression - just in time for the Christmas holiday.   Inspired?…

Cast Iron Casting

Cast iron. It's so nice and heavy and industrial chic. But how can you recycle or repurpose it? That was the question from one of our Facebook friends recently. I was stumped. And I had a hard time finding inspirational cast iron projects to…

A Day's Worth of Creative Recycling - Glassware

It doesn't have to be crystal to catch the rays. Let yourself be inspired with today's small burst of reclaimed glassware creations.   I recently inherited some wine and shot glasses from Swedish great grandma and I'm thinking about…

One Tshirt

Time to start checking out Tshirt recycling projects! Mike