“A man’s feet should be planted in his country, but his eyes should survey the world.”
– George Santayana

What does that quote mean for you? For me it’s a reminder to find contentment where I am, but still find a way to be connected as a world citizen. I get that here through my re.Create activities – so many like-minded people coming together with an interest in reusing and rethinking materials that already exist. It connects me to people across the globe and gives me the sense of ‘one home’ instead of 196 separate countries (click here to find out why some people believe there are only 189 countries).

So after that little ‘food for thought’ intro, the next question is, “Where should my feet be planted?” Well on a unique pathway created with existing materials, of course! I know my front entrance needs one, does yours? Let’s meander through this inspiring little collection and see what captures our imaginations.

Relocating stones to create a beautiful pathway is definitely a way to repurpose existing materials. I love the inner curves on this stone garden path found at Redbeacon.

unique stone path

Every garden path should have an element of the unexpected – like these repurposed vintage floor grates. They even have colorful little extras down inside to catch your eye. – via Pinterest

recycled vintage grates garden path

I think they took “a fork in the road” literally! Do you have an herb garden? Add a little cutlery cuteness to your path. –via Looking in the Square

recycled silverware garden path

You can either line your path – or make your path – from recycled glass bottles. via Lawn Tea and via Garden World Images

recycled glass bottles

If you have some boring round concrete pavers to reuse, why not upcycle them with paint or surround them with different stones to create ‘flowers’ on your path. – via Tha Passionate Maker and via Gardens in the Sun

upcycled concrete pavers

This path is actually made from cast-off stones and designed by kids in Seattle, but think how easy it would be to recreate this idea with reclaimed pallet wood. Super easy. –via Alt. Build Blog

garden path

Think old railway timbers! -via The Owner-Builder Network

reclaimed wood walkway

And if all else fails, find yourself a collection of bunnies to repurpose as walkway guards! –via Pinterest

bunnies on walkway

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