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These days, reCreate Design Company has been showing up in rather strange places.

The company was featured in Higab’s annual company report for 2019. The article highlighted a part of Gothenburg, filled with unique memories of a time we in Sweden call Stormaktstiden (the time of great power). And despite being a historical spot right in the center of Gothenburg, it has simply become a forgotten part of the city over the years. However, under the umbrella of Higab’s Västra Nordstan Revival project, and with the help of the Circular Times – sustainable days event , this city quarter will be redesigned into a sustainable hub in the center of Gothenburg, filled with circular-thinking companies, residents and activities.

According to reCreate’s co-founders, Mike and Micki, “We got involved in this project because of our existing circular economy network, and transforming this quarter of this city is a unique form of reuse, even for us”.


higab annual report 2019

higab annual report 2019 features cirkulära tider hållbarhetsdagar


reCreate Design Company was also, surprisingly and for the first time ever, used as inspiration in a church sermon at Oscar Fredriks Kyrka. The sermon included a message about letting go of being able to choose and control everything. reCreate’s recent redesign interior project was used as an example. Instead of buying new furniture, the church chose a more sustainable alternative. A unique one. And by doing so, they became a part of something bigger. A caretaker of not only the members of their church, but also a caretaker of the earth. 


100% reuse interior design with reCreate Design company

100% reuse and sustainable interior design with recreate design company

repurposed piano art by recreate design company


Excerpt from the sermon:

We’ve redone the entry, the hallway and the small gathering room. Have you noticed that? It was needed, and we got help from people that work with 100% reused materials. Much of the furniture is used and the custom built pieces are created with reclaimed wood and other reused material. Had we chosen to buy new furnishings, then we would have been able to pick and choose between color, design, measurements and material. But we didn’t. Everyone who looked for something on Tradera, Blocket and the secondhand market knows that shopping in this way is a completely different thing. Choices are narrowed significantly and it takes time to find what you are searching for to fit the design concept – but it’s exactly that which gives the items more value. In a concrete way, you become a part of something bigger. The coffee table used to be someone’s desk, and now it’s with us. The benches in the hallway are made with reclaimed wood by the hands of professionals with help from people in a work training program at reCreate who’ve been away from the job market for an extended period of time. And you know that the rose window art in the hall is made out of a lady’s old piano, deconstructed, with each piece cleaned and mounted together by the same hands that made the benches. The environment doesn’t look like an IKEA-catalog and may not be to everyone’s taste. But it has a cohesiveness, full consideration of our needs, and was chosen based on a belief of inspirational sustainable consumption. 


church sermon inspired by recreate design company


Have you ever found yourself in unexpected places? Let us know in the comments below.


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