It just takes seeing one picture to make me ask, “What can you do with…”. This time around it was a recycled sink.

Georgia Peachez
These stairs made from recycled sinks are in a Dutch vegetarian restaurant
Arwen Willemsen
kitchen sink and counter make an excellent drum for your spontaneous Carnival parade
Richie Wisbey Collection
Even the desert appreciates this old wash basin and bidet repurposed as planters
Kevin Collins
Build your next office with recycled sinks exterior
2012 Architecten

A recycled sink garden fountain will keep the birds happy this summer
Make Mine Mosaic
iVillage Garden Web
And if you don’t plan on recycling a sink anytime soon, don’t forget to be creative with your sinks at home!
Benjamin Bullins via A Green Living
via Salvaged Grace
So now my question is…”What will you do next time you find a junk sink?”
Until next time…

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