Love these bracelets. Had to stare at them a while because I knew they were recycled materials, but they left me thinking, “What’s that ?!”

Do you see it yet?

Here’s the back view of the bracelet to give you another hint.

That’s right. These crazy cool bracelets are made from recycled bicycle inner tubes by Urban Lace Jewelry.

The increased use of old rubber for art and products is A-OK for me as it tends to sit in the landfills…like forever!

I’m also reminded of this beautiful piece of art created from an old recycled tire.

I remember an episode of Grand Designs (a British show) last year that featured an Earthship home in France. Then found this video to share of a Canadian Earthship home under construction that shows the ‘guts’ of the home with recycled tires and aluminum cans.

Now I’m going on a hunt to find out what else is being created out there with recycled rubber tires and inner tubes. Have you seen any good projects lately?

Until next time…

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