Easter like Halloween? Whaaaat?

Here in Sweden our kids dress up as Easter witches – that’s right, I said witches – and go door to door with a basket and a handful of drawings to exchange for candy.

easter dress-up in Sweden

Sound familiar? There’s a fun little expanation in this Time Magazine article – Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Easter. And don’t miss why I’m in love with the idea of flying kites on Good Friday like they do in Bermuda (#9).

easter witches
photo credit: Dosfamily.com

Equally strange, or not – now that you know the kids dress up as little witches, is that one of the traditional Easter decorations is a witch flying on a broom. That funny Easter witch…she’s my favorite! And it’s brilliant for all of us reusers and repurposers – we can get double duty out of some of our Halloween decorations. Just switch out the orange and black for yellow and green – and we’re good to go!

funny swedish easter traditions

My other favorite Swedish Easter decoration? The traditional birch branches with brightly colored feathers attached – you’ll find them both indoors and out! #6 in The Local’s “Six Super Swedish Family Easter Traditions” explains yet another puzzling Swedish tradition.

swedish easter traditions

Not to fret, however. We do still have Easter baskets….they just aren’t baskets. They’re large paper maché eggs that are filled with candy. And no, the Easter Bunny doesn’t leave them. Just the parents 🙂

swedish easter traditions

Etsabild AB

Now that you’ve had a mini peek at our Swedish Easter, don’t miss this post with 29 of our favorite recycled Easter ideas! I’ll never look at the lint from my dryer the same…ever again!

Hoppy Easter Preview!

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