Earlier this year, Jill at Creating My Way to Success began a new global series that focuses on creators from every continent, and with the recent departure of their European rep, I’m happy to announce I’ll be joining the project team as the new Europe connection.

What does that mean? Each week I’ll be scoping this fine European continent to find creative souls that are passionate about sharing their work and featuring them on Blue Velvet Chair. And while my own passion is with recycled and repurposed arts and crafts, I have a huge appreciation for so many other creative mediums – as I’m sure you do – so we’ll all have the chance to (virtually) meet our creative soulmates working with a variety of mediums from around the globe. I find that really exciting!

Watch for the first feature to post on Tuesday evening (Nov 8), Central European Time. That’s early-morning Wednesday for Australia and Asia, and early-afternoon Tuesday for North and South Americas. Here in Europe, we’re right in the middle!

Make sure to check in each week for a blog hop that will feature a creator from every continent. And if you live in Europe…watch out! I’m looking for creatives with a passion for sharing. So if you fit the bill, send me a note at bluevelvetchair at bredband dot net.

Until next time…

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