reclaimed wood garden tool holder

My DIY projects made it on the pages of – both of them!

I was approached and asked if I had any unique storage ideas for the garage. Guess what? I didn’t! My first chance to be featured by a major DIY big shot and I didn’t have a single thing to share for the garage. I barely have any finished projects in my house…let alone the garage! So I whipped up a couple of things and sent them to the journalist and crossed my fingers. They used them both!

See slideshow here.

Of course when you release your stuff to the editors, they get to pick and choose what they want. And let me tell you, taking photos inside my dark little garage didn’t give the best results. But let me share with you all the pics that I shared with them.


You can probably just look at them and figure out how to DIY your own, but I’ll share some before and after pics later this week so you can see the various parts I pulled together.

There was an extra bonus in all of this as well. One of my favorite artisans out there is Brian Carlisle with GadgetSponge. He makes the most wonderfully whimsical bird houses. The journalist who approached me also saw one of Brian’s cool license plate clocks on one of my blog posts and I introduced the two of them – and Brian’s clock made the cut as well. Congrats, Brian!

I love several of the other unique garage storage solutions, especially the file cabinet turned on its side as a tool holder. But you won’t be seeing any more garage DIY from me for a while. I have a LONG list of things to play and experiment with on the inside of our home and in the garden!

OK. 15 minutes are over.

Until next time…


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