So how much junk can be packed in a Prius, anyway? This much!

recycled junk scavenger

I saw a non-descript note on our local Freecycle page that said something about 2 homes with diverse furniture. Well, let me tell you, even without any photos that text alone was enough to peak my interest. So, today I dropped off my Divine Little Miss M at her music theater class before me and my little man headed down to see what we could scavenge. Yesterday my husband jokingly suggested I might have a ‘problem’ as we unloaded a bunch of junk to store in my friend’s barn. Today I confirmed his suspicions after I left the “2 homes with diverse furniture”.

swedish summer homes

My biggest problem isn’t my junking habit… it’s that I don’t have a truck! I’ve got a Prius. I walked through the 2 homes and put post-it notes on several pieces of furniture that will be great re-do projects for our new re.Create Design Co. endeavor – but I need to borrow a friend’s van for pick-up on Monday. Then I watched a pile of stuff be hauled out from a storage area under the house. That’s when my heart really started pumping. JUNK on the lawn – headed for the landfill – HELP! Too bad I didn’t get a picture of that before I dove in head first to see what I could save before coming up for air.

recycled junk scavenger

You would be heartbroken at the stuff that got loaded up and shipped off to the dump. I felt like I was in a bad scene from Sofie’s Choice where I had to choose which of my children to send to their death. Just awful!

recycled junk scavenger

During my drive home I felt the elation of my junk score at the same time my heart sang out for the victims left behind. But we will celebrate new life with a few of these ideas for the items that still sit in my car tonight as I sit down to write this post.

Three old tennis rackets may find new life as mirrors or simple message boards.

recycled tennis racket mirror

The chandelier will certainly be given new life like my upcycled LuLu chandelier at home.

Silver platters? They could be reborn as a chalkboard that remembers things, or an out-of-this-world holiday wreath.

recycled silver trays

I looked around online but didn’t find inspiration for the visions in my head for the vintage fish landing nets – I’m thinking they will become wall or ceiling lamps. Now let’s hope the idea in the head can come out nicely through the hands.

So much junk, so little time to save it all. And there’s more still to come when I go back on Monday to pick up the furniture pieces with a van! Between salvaging for materials to outfit our new re. studio last week, and junk diving to get materials for our re.Creations to sell, I’d consider this a pretty successful week. Can’t wait to get going!


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  1. debbie abdalla
    debbie abdalla says:

    Love it! I see lots of potential in the trunk! But I’m like you…I need a truck. I do carry a tool box now and try to take things apart!


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