It’s always on my mind….junk. I constantly scan roadsides while driving. Especially in industrial areas. Looking for something to repurpose and reuse. And clean up the world at the same time.

Most recently it was during our mini vacay up the coast of Sweden. We had a lovely day on one of the rock islands off the coast – which included a discovery of washed up pieces of junk in every form imaginable.

I was left with multiple emotions. On one hand I was saddened by all the plastic containers and such that washed up from the ocean – considering that this was just one tiny little island. I told my husband that we need to arrange a ‘beach clean-up’ one day for us and the kids. Pick a beach, any beach on the coastline, and you’ll find trash washed up from the oceans. It’s sad, really. If there is anything good to think about -it is the artists that are trying to bring attention to the subject through art. Like this.

On the other hand, I was elated. Because the discovery netted me some really cool pieces of wood, including a deliciously old slat from a door that has the (severely corroded) handle on the front, and the lock box on the back. I also brought home an absolutely gorgeous chunk of driftwood that will become a part of the garden when we ever get it redesigned. There is a small but beautifully twisted piece of driftwood that I want to use for a Home Sweet Homemade inspired piece, and three pieces of lovely weathered wood slats attached together – might have been part of an old fishing hut, or a boat. Whatever its history, it is perfect just as it is and will easily hold its own on the wall as a piece of art.

I haven’t quite decided what to do with that door slat, so if you have any ideas, do leave me a note below. I would love some inspiration – it was just too lovely to leave.

Until next time…

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