I absolutely love when I stumble across uber cool street art initiatives.

You  might remember the Lego street art that I featured several months back that is being documented at Dispatchwork. Little patches of Lego are popping up in corners around the world…literally!

Today I ran across Junky – “an enigmatic street art avenger who creates creatures from the debris of society, then ressurects them onto wooden telegraph poles and other forgotten places around the globe, (well around Australia so far).” – excerpt from his Flickr profile.

I think his little creatures are absolutely adorable and worth a share!

More from Junky’s Flickr profile:  “My army of sentinals assigned posts to guard and remind all who pass that their garbage may come back to follow them.”

I’m not sure if Junky welcomes fellow junk army creatures…but I am tempted to make my own in homage of his work and find the nearest telephone pole in Sweden for it to stand guard. Junky…if you are listening, would you like an addition to your junk army in Sweden?

Until next time…

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