Whew! I made it! I actually pushed through to finish a project – one that I’ve been working on for weeks! Rolling… rolling… rolling… hundreds… and hundreds… of magazine pages. And now I have the pleasure of revealing my oversized mirror frame made from recycled magazines. Laurie, you were right with your guess from the sneak peek for this project!

There’s so much inspiration I’d like to credit here:

It was Diane at Home Sweet Homemade that first got me interested in creating something with recycled magazines – did you see her beautiful pic with the glass vase full of magazine beads? I was hooked!

I first talked about this project on Facebook when my girlfriend (hi, Marie!) stopped by for an unexpected visit some weeks back…and started rolling with me while we caught up. She was even inspired to make her own recycled magazine frame, which I featured here on Blue Velvet Chair.

The frame idea was inspired by this recycled magazine frame from Crafy Mamma that I’d featured in the 25 Repurposed Magazine Projects post back in July.

Look closely behind the sofa in the photo and you’ll see I’ve turned one of my bookshelves on its side, after getting inspiration from this photo on Instructables.  I’m also hoping to upcycle my boring set of 3 bookshelves – getting plenty of inspiration from the upcycle of these bookshelves from Karen at Sew Many Ways.

And finally, there’s one more bit of inspiration I’d like to mention. Erin from Salvaged Grace recently attended a Blogshop conference, and she’s been having so much fun playing with her new blog designs…that I wanted to try my (amateur) hand at some photo layouts on this post.

So, with all that credit going to everyone else, what am I most proud of? That I was able to draw on the creativity of others and create something for my home that is so true to ‘me’ – and I delight each time I pass by this space. In fact, I stop and stare a while – and it makes me happy.

Are you decorating in a way that makes your heart sing when you step inside your home?

Until next time…

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  1. Green Girl
    Green Girl says:

    Hey, I don't know if I just missed it, but have you posted a tutorial for this? I have a great frame I would like to this to! How did you roll the magazines? With tape? And how did you attach them to the frame, hot glue or something? That's all I really need to know to get started! Thanks!

  2. Green Girl
    Green Girl says:

    I love this blog! I just recently discovered it through a friend, and I'm obsessed. I super love this recycled mirror, but how did you do it? I didn't see any mention of how you rolled them and got them to stay, and then attached them. I'd love some input!

  3. Blue Velvet Chair
    Blue Velvet Chair says:

    What fun it is to get feedback on something you love! Thank you, everyone!
    @greenbabydesigns – I know how long it took me to roll each roll, and I'm going to count how many rolls there are on the mirror sometime this week. Then I should be able to tell you how many hours were spent just rolling the magazine pages. I know it took probably 6 or so hours to assemble it at the end.
    @I'm Busy Procrastinating – THANK YOU for the feature. It's always nice for others to connect with a creation, don't you agree?

  4. greenbabydesigns
    greenbabydesigns says:

    I think the SIZE of the mirror really makes it stand out from all the other upcycled magazine art out in blog land. How long do you think it took you to roll all the magazines?! Very cool!

  5. Erin
    Erin says:

    Michael, looks fantastic!!! I've been pleasantly surprised by how fun it is to create posts in Photoshop!! Glad to turn you on to it as well! And great job on the project, what an impressive undertaking!!

  6. Kjernalds in Sweden
    Kjernalds in Sweden says:

    Gorgeous, so proud of you for getting it up. At some point you will have to tell me how you managed it. Did you get that mirror from Vinden? Looks amazing. Great job. Can't wait to see the house.


  7. Annemarie
    Annemarie says:

    Hi Michael! Wow it's SO gorgeous! What a great idea! Thanks for linking up at Link Your Stuff again. It's allways great to see you there.
    Have a lovely day!
    Best wishes from Holland,


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