It’s Monday! And time for a quick shot of recycled / repurposed / upcycled DIY inspiration. Still confused over those terms? Check out this quick and easy to understand post to help you make the right distinction.

Ready? Set? Go!


upcycled mismatched dining room chairs
It’s amazing how a can of spray paint and a little fabric can revive a mismatched set of chairs – via Decor Demon.



canoe repurposed as a bench
This recycled canoe – turned – bench is a showstopper, but don’t miss the old newspapers on the wall in a map outline of the world continents – via Wabi Sabi.



repurposed side table
An adjustable chair base becomes a funky little side table – BHG via Decor Hacks.



desk made from recycled piano
Can you believe this desk is made from recycled piano parts? – via GadgetSponge.



recycled CD/DVD chair
Need to roll out of your chair after a large dinner? This repurposed CD/DVD chair is the answer. Via Just Stuff I Find.



wooden shelves repurpose as a coffin
Well this is a twist! These beautiful shelves will repurpose as a coffin at the end of your life. A bit creepy…but clever. William Warren via Inhabitat.



repurposed suitcase chairs and stools
Repurposed suitcases are not just for dogs…like these cool suitcase chairs and stools via Just Stuff I Find.



recycled cardboard chair seats 16
Short on space for seating? How about this recycled cardboard chair that stretches to seat up to 16! From Chishen Chiu via  Design Blog.


Now that’s the way to get the week started!

Until next time…

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