Alongside my own desire to create, another goal I have with Blue Velvet Chair is to find and share repurposed arts & crafts from creative souls around the globe (have you noticed, yet?). Avoiding deep philosophical discussions and lofty text to convey my message, I rely on images to inspire into action. Lately there has been a little more sharing than creating on my part, but while I’m sharing with you, I’m also recharging my own creative think tank and letting ideas ‘simmer’ in the overflow that is my brain.

So, on to the visual sharing! First up, think…vintage bingo cards!

How about the perfectly shuffled deck of cards?

Nick Sayers
This sweet little lampshade is made to measure (pun intended).
recycled measuring tape lamp
The Violet Hours
Just think of the DIY possibilities with this concept!

Graham and Greene
And finally, of all the vintage silk lampshade ideas I’ve seen and wanted to try over the years…this one seems the most DIY do-able!
vintage lampshade chandelier
Rockett St. George
Until next time…

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  1. Blue Velvet Chair
    Blue Velvet Chair says:

    Does anyone out there reading this have a good suggestion for Elizabeth's concern above? Could you put a think metal or aluminum tin bowl up in the very inside without it being seen? Or, get led lights which have basically no heat to them.



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