Checked off my list this past weekend:
Make Divine Little Miss M a funky little skirt from recycled winter scarves.

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This gave her plenty to jump about…

…and plenty to dance about.

Check out the tutorial that shares all my secrets about hacking my way through this sewing experiment to create a funky little one-of-a-kind winter skirt for my one-of-a-kind little chica.

Did you see my other sewing experiments from 2011?
Vintage silk souvenir scarf dress (this was my favorite last year)
1 Shirt repurposed to girl’s dress and leg warmers
3 recycled Ts become 1 graphic girl’s dress

Real seamstresses beware! My hack sewing methods are not for the faint of heart! See that little pink shrug she’s wearing around her arms? Those are the leftover legs from a too-short pair of leggings. More on that with the how-to tutorial.

Until next time…

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  1. Blue Velvet Chair
    Blue Velvet Chair says:

    Oh thank goodness that is coming from a real seamstress! You made my day.

    I'm loving looking through your creations! Have several to share with Blue Velvet Chair readers now. Thanks! Following you via e-mail now.


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