We picked up the keys last week. I can’t believe it! It’s really happening. It’s the birth of our re.Create Design Company studio!

I’ve been so inspired by other DIYers and bloggers who have made a bigger leap into the unknown, so I’ll share a bit here and there as we get the studio set up and start getting our activities going. What’s the plan? DIY workshops that focus on reusing materials, children’s birthday parties with crafts that also give a nod to the green and reuse, and our own creations to send out into the world – or at least here in Gothenburg. That’s a start. We’ve got lots more ideas to develop after we get going.

Went to the studio today to start clean-up and set-up. Even took a walk about the neighborhood to take in the sights. It was a gorgeous blue-sky-sunny day and we don’t get many of those during this rainy season.

This is what the beginning of our little re.Create venture looks like. Follow our progress in these coming months – and send a bit of good energy our way!

Warning! I took LOTS of pictures! Guess I’m excited.

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