It’s Monday! Time to get the brain churning to get us through the week.

And what does that take? I heard mind puzzles are good. And coffee.

Know what else works?

A dose of “What’s That ?!

So off  we go. Can you guess what this fun and funky kitchen backsplash is made from in the very first photo?


recycled skateboard tile backsplash


No? Okay, I’ll give you another picture to help boost the brain power. I understand, the week is young.


recycled skateboard tiles


Are you like me, stopping and looking at the individual tile images for clues? I tried…but couldn’t find any.

And when I saw a close-up photo of the tiles…still didn’t register for me. How about you?


recycled skateboard tiles


What? Really?

How can you go from this….


broken skateboards


…to this!


recycled skateboard tile backsplash

Art of Board


With a whole lot of creativity and a wide awake brain, that’s how!

Hmmm…my brain is a bit slower, and this is the only option I’ve got in my garage…tucked in behind the mower that I put to good use yesterday.




And I remember that K painted the backside to cover a very boring basic brown – so I flipped it over to have a look. Not a bad color choice…I wonder if he’d know it’s missing.




I mean I love him and all, but I’ve never seen him practice enough to try this…


skateboard jump


…and he’s young, so I definitely don’t want to see this!


skateboard fall


But I could definitely think about something like this.


recycled skateboard stools

via Green Parenthood


Or even this.


recycled skateboard keychains

via Broodr


And this is just TOO COOL!


recycled skateboard apple art

via Wave Avenue


But alas, I’ve only got this to work with.





Anyone want to meet me at the skateboard park?


Until next time…

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