Cast iron. It’s so nice and heavy and industrial chic. But how can you recycle or repurpose it? That was the question from one of our Facebook friends recently. I was stumped. And I had a hard time finding inspirational cast iron projects to share.

At first I came up with this selection of repurposed cast iron bathtubs.

repurposed cast iron bathtubs

But then I thought, no – dig deeper. Embrace the challenge! And so I dug deeper.

And I actually came up with a few more projects that I think are worthy of re. sharing 🙂

repurposed cast iron pot handles

How great is that? 3 simple cast iron pot handles = 3 simply sweet photo holders.

But the treasure hunt doesn’t stop there.

recycled iron grate table

Tomorrow’s Antiques made this super funky side table with a recycled cast iron grate from the past.

And thank goodness for fellow scavengers who stop and pick up scrap iron before the trash man, making something fab like this recycled cast iron belt buckle.

recycled cast iron belt buckle

But wait… there’s more! Like this cast iron manhole cover – turned – coffee table. Industrial chic at its best!

recycled manhole cover table

Next, vintage cast iron paper cutter becomes paper towel holder.

recycled cast iron paper towel holder

A simple addition of cast iron legs is all it takes to spif up this old wooden bowl and… voila! Very COOL table centerpiece.

cast iron legs on wooden bowl

It just doesn’t get any easier than turning a cast iron skillet around and using it as a memo board like this one found At the Picket Fence.

cast iron skillet memo board

So there ARE things to be done with cast iron – it just takes a bit of digging!

Until next time…


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  1. Chelsea Richards
    Chelsea Richards says:

    Now that is one SUPERB resolution you got there for that repurpose and recycle question and it surely deliver what was expected from you. The ideas were simply remarkable!!! Great job! Two thumbs up!!!


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