telephone booth

It’s true. Video killed the radio star. And now mobile phones are killing the telephone booth.

telephone booth


 In 2015, Swedish phone booths will officially become extinct as they remove the very last one from the streets of my hometown. And while they may not be as iconic as the red booths of England, who wouldn’t want a little piece of history at home!

repurposed telephone booth

 source: on Twitter

I’ve seen some great examples of old phone booths turned into little street libraries, fish tanks, and even a shower stall in a home. A little creativity goes a long way and my mind started to click as soon as I saw that the 1 200 Swedish phone booths that still stand across the country will be up for sale. I was just looking at one in Gothenburg the other day, thinking how sad and lonely it looked despite being right in the center of one of the city’s busiest squares. My first thought when I heard they were for sale? A little nook for our trash containers outside at my home. Why build a predictable wooden hut – when you can have a unique piece of history standing proud and still ready to serve. Reuse and repurpose. It’s my favorite way to decorate at home.

I work for a company called 4CYCLE who’s top priority is to extend the lifespan of office furniture and equipment. It’s the most efficient form of sustainability, and the business model is built on the concept of finding new homes for perfectly good – but no longer needed – furniture and materials. Sometimes that may be in someone else’s company, and sometimes it is at non-profit organizations and schools. But you know for me the concept of reusing don’t stop there. Ideas for repurposing materials in their current form are endless and can be adapted to life at home. I never look at something old for what it is –  but for what it can become!

repurposed phone booth library

Source:  John Locke

 If you are in Sweden and are interested in buying a phone booth and giving it a new life, call Telia at 90100 or mail And who knows… Superman just might show up at your house one day for a quick change!

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