recycled cereal box

I have small recycling habits. I also have big recycling habits. What I hope is that when I add them all together – they make a difference.

Today I thought it would be fun to share a few of my small recycling habits – starting with cereal boxes. I don’t do anything fancy or decorative with them. Instead I like to use them for practical purposes. I print business cards on the back (insides) of the cereal boxes which is always a big hit for the recipients to guess what kind of cereal box they’ve received. I also wash the inner plastic bags and reuse them for misc. storage in the kitchen – like ziploc bags without the zip.

recycled cereal box

Next is the lint from our dryer. This idea is nothing new – in fact I watched my mom put out our dryer lint for the birds in winter from a very young age. And now a few of our local birdie friends are just a little bit warmer this winter, thanks to a little biodegradable lint blanket.

recycled lint for birds

My third small habit share for the day is about water. Our dryer is a condenser dryer – which means the leftover water from drying clothes is gathered in a container within the machine, and it needs to be emptied every 4-5 loads. Each time I empty about 1 gallon of water – and I have such a hard time just dumping it down the drains when I think about organizations like who are out there trying to get clean water wells set up in locations around the world. My 11-year old son gave some of his Christmas money to them this year – found them all on his own – which gave me a much-needed proud mommy moment in the daily chaos of his double diagnosis of A-typical Autism combined with ADHD. I save the water in a bucket beside the machine, and then use it to water my plants, or do a little light rinsing after clean-up.

recycle water

There you have it. They are definitely small recycling habits, but combined together I do think they make a bit of difference. And they are regular reminders for me to always think and think again about new habits to incorporate in daily living. These have become so everyday for me now that it may be time to add some new ones to the mix. Do you have any good ideas for me?

I’d love to hear about your own small recycling habits. Share a comment below, or hop over to our re.Create Design Co. Facebook page and start a discussion there.

Until next time…

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  1. theboss2828
    theboss2828 says:

    Those waxy bags from inside the cereal box make amazing freezer bags. I use them to portion and freeze my value packages of meet from the grocery store. Just fold them over and they work better than any zip top bag. I also empty my dehumidifier into my washer as it is filling with water before the load begins. That is more convenient for me than lugging the bucket upstairs for another use.


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