DIY butterfly from table leg

Dragonflies and Butterflies

Dragonflies and butterflies... If you are like me, you also keep a TRY or Die board on Pinterest - with the all of the projects that you really want to DIY. I have a board like that, and it's BURSTING at the seams with over 200 ideas! I'm…
DIY butterfly from table leg

Friends With Benefits

No...not those kinds of friends with benefits! I'm talkin' about friends who know the manager of a big thrift store and arrange to get you in the store and warehouse before opening hours! Yesterday I took a drive to my friend L's town about…
DIY butterfly from table leg

What's That ?!

It's 2012 and time for a new year of "What's That?!". What is "What's That?!" you ask? It's a series of posts that showcase unbelievable creations that make you take a second look and ask yourself, "What's That?!" Here we go. Can you guess…
DIY butterfly from table leg

Crazy about mosaics

I'm crazy about mosaics. Have been for as long as I remember. Not a clean mosaic, either. I like them 'dirty' - using broken tiles, found objects, discarded junk. In my opinion, there is no limit to the materials that can make a mosaic - it's…