repurposed teapot lamps

Redesigned Teapot Lamps

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If you're like us, you get tired of seeing the same ol' same ol' lamps in office environments. Sigh. Just because it's a work environment doesn't mean it has to be boring! In fact, it should be the opposite - an inspiring environment that increases…
Church becomes a home

Take Me To Church

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Cue music... Hozier's "Take Me to Church" keeps playing in my head as I flip through the photos of this glorious repurposed church - turned - home. (Svensk översättning längst ned) Sometimes it's not the repurposed designs we put into…
reused office interior design

100% Reused Interior Design at Work

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    (Svensk översättning längst ned) All you DIYers out there really  know how to create a fabulous reused interior space at home. But what about the office? We love finding clients that are brave enough to follow our reused…
sauna reclaimed materials

Scandinavian Sauna - Reclaimed / Skandinavisk Bastu - Återanvänd

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(Svensk översättning längst ned) We're so excited! We've got a new building in town. It's a sauna that's open to the public. It's built on old existing pillars on the river. And it's made from reclaimed materials! Isn't it divine? And…
scrap wood wall art

A Labor of Scrap Wood Love

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(Svensk översättning längst ned) Our rule of thumb? If we would have it in our own home, then we're darn happy with the results! Last week we delivered one of our favorite projects to date - a full dining room interior design for Gothenburg…
unique bathroom sink

Dare to be Different / Våga Vara Annorlunda

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(Svensk översättning längst ned) What do you remember about places that you visit? Me? It's often the bathroom that really sticks out. My experience says if there is something unique about the bathroom (simply called the toilet for those…
DIY kitchen remodel

Our DIY Kitchen Remodel

It's the DIY kitchen remodel that never ends. Why? Because of the DIY part! We're ALMOST done. But we've been ALMOST done for the past 3 years! Now it's all about getting up those final pieces of trim, and finally deciding what to do as treatment…

Finding Your Home Style

I was reading the latest Swedish issue of IKEA Family live magazine and stopped on the article featuring artist Dan Bennett who has a new poster design picked up by IKEA. I always wonder how much they change the "live" magazine contents from…

What Can You Do With... Recycled Sinks?

It just takes seeing one picture to make me ask, "What can you do with...". This time around it was a recycled sink. You can use your old pedestal sink and repurpose as a garden planter Georgia Peachez These stairs made from recycled…

The Evolution of a Living Room - Part V (2 of 2) - Build an Ottoman

If you are just joining us for the tour, check out these previous visits with the renovation and evolution of our living room: The Evolution of a Living Room - Part I - Where we started The Evolution of a Living Room - Part II - Where we…