greenhouse recycled windows

Rock and Roll Reclaimed Greenhouse / Återbruksväxthus "Rock n´Rull"

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(Svensk översättning längst ned) It rocks - because it's made from 100% reclaimed materials. It rolls - because they put wheels on it! Klas popped into our Shared Studio each time he had a few hours to spare over these past several…
How to reuse hangers

How to Reuse Hangers / Hur Man Återanvänder Klädhängare

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(Svensk översättning längst ned) "I think I've discovered the secret of life - you just hang around until you get used to it." - Charles M. Shultz We think Charlie was a wise man. That's why we honor him today by sharing our favorite…

Creative Kids Rock Workshops Kreativa Barn får Workshops på Gung

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(Svensk översättning längst ned) Okay. We admit it. We were a bit worried about hosting a group of 6-year olds for one of our creative reuse workshops. But they blew our minds with the scrapbot creations that flowed from their little…
scrap wood structures

Tiny Houses Made of Junk

These tiny little houses made of junk and scrap wood first caught my eye in a Daily Mail article from England on Pinterest. Already on his 10th birthday, the interest in creating small structures was sparked when 'Deek' Diedricksen received…
DIY recycled old window message board

Old Window = New Message Board

by Michael Helander Turning an old window into a new message board not only does a good deed for Mother Earth, it also does a good deed for your home decor and personal style! Our friend Kate stopped by for a workshop and knew right away that…

Junk in the Trunk

So how much junk can be packed in a Prius, anyway? This much! I saw a non-descript note on our local Freecycle page that said something about 2 homes with diverse furniture. Well, let me tell you, even without any photos that text alone was…

What's That ?! - Recycled

It's time for another What's That ?! to take us into the weekend.  Any guesses for the material used for this brightly colored wall art? Here's a closer look. Would you believe me if I told you it was... ...the insides of…