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Det bästa 'NEJ' vi har fått

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Vi utvecklar många koncept åt kunder, men inte alla blir till verklighet. Detta innebär att det finns många redesignidéer som aldrig kommer till bordet och aldrig används. Projektförslaget till Röhsska Museet är en av de idéer…
repurposed teapot lamps

Redesignade Tekanne Lampor

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Är du som oss, så blir du lätt trött på att se samma gamla lampor i kontorsinredningar. Suck. Bara därför att det är en arbetsplats innebär inte att den måste vara tråkig! Tvärtom så borde den vara det motsatta - en inspirerande…
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100% Reused Interior Design at Work

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    (Svensk översättning längst ned) All you DIYers out there really  know how to create a fabulous reused interior space at home. But what about the office? We love finding clients that are brave enough to follow our reused…
recycled and repurposed pan and silverware lamp

A Day's Worth of Creative Recycling Ideas

Summer is relaxing. A little too relaxing perhaps? My blogging and research for recycled design inspiration has been sporadic at best - but as the summer winds down and I return to some sense of normalcy (at least in my dreamworld), the search…

High Tea - Chandelier

This jaw-dropping chandelier brings new meaning to high tea! via La Petite Nymphea via Nice Things Makes me want to hop right on the plane and head to Valencia in Spain where this boutique is located, just to stand with head tilted upwards,…
recycled and repurposed pan and silverware lamp

A Day's Worth of DIY Inspiration - Recycled and Repurposed

  I just love today's collection of recycled and repurposed DIY inspiration.     Perhaps these inspirational ideas seem extra special because it's an extra special week! We hit 1 million page views this past weekend. And…
recycled and repurposed pan and silverware lamp

Finding and Sharing Repurposed Arts & Crafts

Alongside my own desire to create, another goal I have with Blue Velvet Chair is to find and share repurposed arts & crafts from creative souls around the globe (have you noticed, yet?). Avoiding deep philosophical discussions and lofty…
recycled and repurposed pan and silverware lamp

My Favorite Things - 25 DIY Lamps

Cue Debbie Boone, circa 1977.Well, I have certainly taken advantage of - and extended the 'technical difficulties' blog vacation offered by our friends at Blogger.So, I think I'll brighten up things again here at the Blue Velvet Chair and share…

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