recycled garden

Curb Appeal Sinners / Trottoarkantssyndare

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(Svensk översättning längst ned) It's true. We've commited a sin. We moved to our new workshop / studio / showroom / playground / office in June... but we've never taken the time to fix our curb appeal. So this week we took a small step…
reuse piano repurpose

How To: Reuse a Piano / Hur Man: Återanvänder ett Piano

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(Svensk översättning längst ned) Do you have something happy waiting to greet you each and every time you come home? I don't mean the husband, kids, dog, cat, hamster, dust bunnies, etc. I mean something that was done just for…
telephone booth

Phone Booth For Sale

It’s true. Video killed the radio star. And now mobile phones are killing the telephone booth.  Source:  In 2015, Swedish phone booths will officially become extinct as they remove the very last one from the streets of my hometown.…
repurposed water bottle

Clever Household Tricks - Repurposed

This clever household trick goes in the it's-so-easy-I-should-have-thought-of-that-instead-of-yelling-at-my-kids-a-million-times-to-close-the-door file. Admittedly, it won't work on every sliding door, but if you have a lightweight one like…
scrap wood structures

Tiny Houses Made of Junk

These tiny little houses made of junk and scrap wood first caught my eye in a Daily Mail article from England on Pinterest. Already on his 10th birthday, the interest in creating small structures was sparked when 'Deek' Diedricksen received…
tire cemetary fire kuwait

7 Million Dead in Kuwait

Yes, I admit. This blog post title was intended to get your attention. Did it work? Have you seen the latest photos of the tire cemetery in Kuwait? They believe it currently holds about 7 million tires - enough to easily see from aerial photos…
repurposed crib bench

Sunny Days and Repurposed Benches

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It was a sunny day today. Which led me to thinking about how long it's been since I sat in the sun (Swedish winters are brutally long). Which led me to think about sitting on benches. Which led me to thinking about repurposed bench designs.…
folk art furniture by Floyd Gompf

Folk Art Furniture

I just LOVE a day when I stumble on an artisan who's creations speak to me. Really, they do. They speak to me. They say, "LOOK AT ME! I'M MARVELOUS!" Like Floyd Gompf's folk art furniture pieces. I love them. I just absolutely love them!…
recycled bottlecap art

What's That?! Recycled Art

It's been a good long while since I've posted a What's that?! post. And this one certainly deserves inclusion. Born in Ghana, El Anatsui manipulates found items into pieces of art that would definitely make me stop and linger a little while…
DIY shabby chic upcycle

A Shabby Chic "Light" Upcycle

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Sometimes there just aren't the right terms to describe a design aesthetic. My friend said she wanted her old hope chest refurbished and upcycled in shabby chic style. But when you stand in her home, it is anything but shabby chic. So we created…