repurposed teapot lamps

Redesignade Tekanne Lampor

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Är du som oss, så blir du lätt trött på att se samma gamla lampor i kontorsinredningar. Suck. Bara därför att det är en arbetsplats innebär inte att den måste vara tråkig! Tvärtom så borde den vara det motsatta - en inspirerande…
reused office interior design

100% Reused Interior Design at Work

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    (Svensk översättning längst ned) All you DIYers out there really  know how to create a fabulous reused interior space at home. But what about the office? We love finding clients that are brave enough to follow our reused…
redesigned candlesticks

Redesigned Candlesticks Revisited

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We created 3 series of our redesigned candlesticks before we were through. It was a fun and super satisfying project to keep our hands busy - as if we didn't have enough to do. But sometimes it's good to get away from the 'must do' and spend…
old church organ pipes

Island Thrifting

This last weekend we hopped on the ferry boat - okay, we really drove on - and headed over to the northern archipelago islands off the coast of Sweden where we live. It's one of our favorite daytrips! And although I certainly didn't plan…
repurposed crib bench

Sunny Days and Repurposed Benches

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It was a sunny day today. Which led me to thinking about how long it's been since I sat in the sun (Swedish winters are brutally long). Which led me to think about sitting on benches. Which led me to thinking about repurposed bench designs.…

Good Deeds In Dublin

I'm home from a weekend visiting longtime friends in Dublin. Don't you just absolutely love that feeling that you just got together with your friends yesterday... even though it has been over a decade? I love it! And while I was there I also…

Friends Who Thrift for You

  What does every person need? Friends who know you. And friends who thrift for you! I had two friends pick up some thrift store goodies for me these past 2 weeks - and now I have no doubt in my mind that they know me...really know me!…

1 Top, 16 Ways to Wear It

Today has really been a day of 'how to see things differently'. And in the process, I landed on some great videos that really have me rethinking how to use my wardrobe. And there's a bonus - no sewing!!! In this first video, the super cute…

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