Last month I told you about three white ceramic pieces that I’d picked up at three different thrift stores in recent months. And it turned out that these pieces I was so drawn to individually were by the same ceramic artist – even though each was a bit different in style. They now sit happily in our ‘just-another-project-we’ve-started-but-haven’t-finished’ office remodel.

My friend (Hi Marie) called today. “What was the name of that ceramic artist for those vases you had? I’m standing in front of an entire shelf of them at a thrift store right now!” And she sent me a photo.

As I said in that first post, I knew I’d have to stop looking for them in order to find more. And that turned out to be true. What I didn’t realize was that my friends would be looking out for me. That just warms my heart in so many ways.

Marie picked up one for me that she said was extra quirky. She took it off the shelf before the photo so it would be a fun surprise. I’m so excited and can’t wait to see it!

Do you have these friends, too? The ones who listen to your life stories, and think of you even when you aren’t around?

Until next time…

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  1. Cate
    Cate says:

    lovely post! Yes, I have friends who look out for octopus Christmas tree ornaments for me! I haven't certain requirements, such as they can't be ugly or have goofy faces….. (I have an octopus-themed XMas tree every year..)

  2. Jodi
    Jodi says:

    Mike…yes, I do have a friend like that…YOU! You recently thought of me during one of your thrift store adventures. As soon as I get some other stitching projects finished, I'm going to start on your "thrift find" and I have some ideas to really make it special.

    Thanks Mike!! You are a terrific friend and very creative!



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