More than inheriting the historical treasures from another at a thrift store or garage sale, I cherish the historical treasures passed down within my own family.

I have several beautiful items from my Great Grandma who lived in Dewey, Oklahoma. And the best thing is that I remember where each and every one of them sat in her house. A grandma’s home explored by a young curious girl is one of the most adventurous things I know.

This week I was thrilled at the chance to choose a few keepsakes from my husband’s grandma here in Sweden. If I start to show my kid’s the value of family keepsakes now, they will have their own treasures from Great Grandma one day…and I can’t wait!

Would you like  to have a peek at our new family goodies?

In a garage full of things, my eyes were immediately drawn to this aged creamy colored box. I can only imagine it was used as a first aid box at one time or another, but Grandma Ruth was keeping a small collection of art supplies in there. The perfect treasure to bring into our home.

vintage first aid box

My husband spotted these vintage Russian nesting dolls. These beauties are the real deal, with each expression ever so slightly different from the next. And you just know they’ve been opened and explored by generations of kids enough times because they open effortlessly. My own Divine Little Miss M was compelled to begin opening and nesting the moment she saw them.

vintage russian nesting dolls

My newly discovered thrill of sewing, in true sew hacking style, means this next little gem is going to be a wonderful treasure for me. The vintage pin cushion came complete with several vintage spools of thread that will certainly make their way onto a soon-to-be sewing experiment at our house. And all the while I’ll be able to daydream about what gammal mormor (that’s great grandma in Swedish) was creating in her day.

vintage sewing pin cushion

And there’s more. I’m loving this little vintage deck of playing cards with bull fighting motifs on the front and back side. I think they will be perfect to repurpose into something else…just not sure what that would be yet. Do you have any ideas for me?

vintage playing cards

And finally my Divine Little Miss M was given this previous little burnt orange sewing box. And inside are some of gammal mormor’s treasures. I can’t wait to see what M does with it – how she makes it her own while carrying on the thread of gammal mormor’s life story that is absorbed in these old things.

vintage wooden sewing box

It is a good day for treasure hunting, and this time they carry the thread of our own family heritage. Those are my favorite kinds of treasures! How about you?

vintage decor





2 Kommentarer
  1. amy of four corners design
    amy of four corners design says:

    such wonderful treasures…and I agree that letting the younger ones understand their beauty now will stay with them for a lifetime…I’m loving the sewing box (with its old contents) the best

    • Michael Helander
      Michael Helander says:

      I love grandma’s treasures! And just imagine… they were almost thrown in the skip before my husband rescued them!


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