What’s that ?! I asked.

It’s a DIY ottoman or extra seat. But what’s it made from? Any guesses?

Here’s another cute little version of the ottoman from ehciladabina.com.
Is it taking shape for you yet?
It will when you see this painted version.
That’s right…tires!
Find out how to make your own at elciladabina.com or Bemsimples.
Until next time…

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11 Kommentarer
  1. Blue Velvet Chair
    Blue Velvet Chair says:

    SurprisingWoman – Some things are hit and miss with all of us. Tires are a 'no' for you. Let's see what else we can find out there to inspire you. Anything you'd like me to go out there and search for?

  2. SurprisingWoman
    SurprisingWoman says:

    With all the petro chemicals and things in tires I can't imagine having them in my home. Just like using them as raised beds. The thought of what could be leaching into the soil, ick. I like a lot of the ideas you find but this one… no thanks.


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