Yes, this is an unabashed request for your help. No, it has nothing to do with repurposed design. It will, however, have to do with remodeling our home if we win – And I would certainly post the photos 🙂 So, will the power of social media connections help us win?

We have entered several of our summer photos in a Swedish contest for $1500 worth of outdoor lighting from this place, and our 1971 home needs remodeling and as much help as it can get!

(unfortunately this is not our home)

You can help us by voting on our photos: Click on each of the links below (5 different photos/pages). Find the little buttons from 1-to-5 to the right of photo. Click on ‘5’, then click on button below that says ‘Rösta på denna bild’. That last bit is very important or the vote won’t register.

Photos pages:

It is simple and only takes 2-3 minutes, and I’m hoping that this power of social media will help us move ahead of the pack.

Leave a comment if you have any questions I can help with…and a big THANKS in advance to those of you who vote.

Until next time…

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